Welcome to the fifth annual Attack-X Tabletop Wargaming Expo. This year we are doing things a little different for X wing. On Saturday we will be running a 5 round, swiss pairings, tournament. This will follow all the standard FFG tournament rules, found on their website, in regards to list building, etc. The only difference will be that there won’t be a ‘cut’ to top numbers. At the end of the 5 rounds, your placement will be based on your strength of schedule, margin of victory, etc.

On Sunday we will be running a separate 3 round, swiss pairing, tournament. With this one we will change things up. Although most of the standard rules will still apply, list building will be different. Players will make a 75pt list from one of the three factions, but, may not use named/unique pilots, or any upgrade cards. We are calling this one ‘Training Day’. Let’s see what we can do based on the merits of our flying without relying on all the extra bits. This one is designed more for fun, which we should all be here for anyways. As such, we have some cool prizes for this one. We also have an awesome raffle prize, only available to X Wing players who fly both days.

Please make sure you have your squad sheets, available from FFG website, filled out and ready to hand in at registration on each day to speed things along. Players should also bring their mats if possible. Any questions can be sent to me at Dane@Attack-X.com.

Saturday, September 16 Tournament:

Round 19:45am
Round 2 11:15am
Lunch 12:45pm
Round 3 1:45pm
Round 4 3:15pm
Round 5 4:45pm

Sunday, September 17 Tournament:

Round 19:45am
Round 211:15am
Round 31:45pm