Welcome to the 6th annual Attack-X Tabletop Wargaming Expo X-Wing Event!

Attack-X and High Octane Comics & Collectibles have teamed up to run the High Octane Store Championship as part of the The Battle of BC X-Wing event! FFG has given us permission to run the event after the main deadline. This will follow all the standard FFG tournament rules. There won’t be a cut to top numbers, instead at the end of the 5 rounds, your placement will be based on your strength of schedule, margin of victory, etc.

On Sunday we will see the return of Training Day. This will be a 3 round swiss pairing tournament. Most of the standard rules still apply, however, list building will be a little different. Players will make a 75 point list but may not use any unique/named pilots or any upgrade cards. We had a lot of positive feedback about this one last year as it’s kind of a back to basics game geared more for fun. Also, as FFG’s new second edition seems to be returning to more emphasis on flying, perhaps this will help us prepare.

Please make sure to have your squad sheets filled out and ready to hand in at registration to help speed things along (extras will be available). We also ask that if players are willing, if they could bring their gaming mats. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact me at Dane@Attack-X.com.

Saturday, September 15 Tournament:

Round 19:45am
Round 2 11:15am
Lunch 12:45pm
Round 3 1:45pm
Round 4 3:15pm
Round 5 4:45pm

Sunday, September 16 Tournament:

Round 19:45am
Round 211:15am
Round 31:45pm