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Player package / info

Players should bring:

2 hour and 15 minute matches with 15 minutes to finish round

2 hour and 15 minute matches with 15 minutes to finish the final round
A maximum 800 point army following list building rules

Three copies of their army composition (Two without Battle Cards or Command Hands for the player and opponent, and a third WITH Battle Cards and Command Hands for the Judge) create your list on

Order tokens for each unit

Command hand and Battle Cards

Sufficient dice for attack and defense rolls

Movement and range tools

We will be using the rules of the latest Rules Reference Guide that can be found at

Friday night at 6-9ish Legion Skirmish, bring a 500 point skirmish list to get some practice in before the main event.
No scheduled rounds just play for fun.

There will be prizes for everyone for this event

Event Format

16 players = 4 Swiss rounds, 3 on Saturday 1 on Sunday

Saturday schedule

8:00-8:45 player check in and table assignments
8:45-9:00 player brief
GAME 1   9:00-11:45
11:45-12:00 Report scores and release new pairings
GAME 2   12:00-2:45
2:45-3:00 Report scores release new pairings
3:00-4:00 Lunch and paint contest judging
GAME 3    4:00-6:45
6:45-7:00 Report scores

Sunday Schedule

9:30-10:00 Player check in, table assignments and release new pairings
10:00-12:45 GAME #4
12:45-1:15 Awards/Prizes


Kevin: 1 hoth table with mat
Dohn: 4 tables worth of terrain

Need: 3 tables worth of terrain, plus mats for 7 tables, would like the mats to be different planet types (ie lava, forest, sand planet) would like forest terrain