“Sable Shield” : The Attack-X 2017 Painting Competition

Rules and Regulations

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Single Figure
Large Model
Squad / Unit
Small Scale


Free with admission!


-Friday, September 15th , 7pm to 10pm
-Saturday, September  16th, 9am to 4pm
*All entries must be in by Saturday, 4pm!
*All models entered must be picked up by owners on Sunday, September 17th between 9pm and 3pm


Entries must be made in-person by the painter.  Entries must be the work of the painter.  Any entry painted by anyone other than the entrant will be disqualified.

No more than 1 entry per painter per category.

You cannot enter winning models from other contests, conventions, or online competitions.

You cannot enter painted models published prior to Attack-X 2017 and this competition in any professional print media, i.e. manufacturer magazines or gaming material.  Online publication of your painted entry prior to Attack-X 2017 is acceptable only if done so in the spirit of receiving feedback on your work from the hobby community.  You may receive feedback from our judges, part of that online community, though our intention, as ever, is that painters provide entries previously untested.

Disqualified winning entries forfeit all prizes, titles, awards, and the painter is barred from entry in future Attack-X painting competitions.  If an entry is disqualified, awards are given to the next winning entry.  Information dealing with an entry in this competition that may result in disqualification should be brought to the attention of the Competition Administration at the Miniature Events Reporting Center.

All entries must be finished, including bases, within size restrictions as noted separately.

Each category must have at least four entries or we will combine it with another category, per management decision.  Management determines final category placement of all entries and can change at any time before or during judging.

Management reserves the right to withdraw or disqualify any entries deemed rude, offensive, or in bad taste.  Bluetac may be used during display to obscure certain areas, and taken off during judging.

Entries will be photographed and entry registration indicates permission for Attack-X Conventions to show them in all public media, including online and print media.

Attack-X staff, volunteers, and Competition Management cannot be held responsible for damaged or lost miniatures.  We treat all miniatures with respect and will do our best to keep them safe.
Attack-X employees, Attack-X Competition Management, and Attack-X Competition Judges are not eligible for entry.

All decisions of the judges and management are final.

Entries must be received by 4pm on Saturday, September 16th, 2017

Entries and prizes must be picked up by 3 pm Sunday, September 17th, 2017.  Entries not picked up can be mailed at the entrant’s expense for shipping and handling.  If that can’t be arranged, entries may be forfeited to organizer (although every effort will be made to avoid this).

Entries will be displayed at and remain in the Miniature Painting Competition display cases from the time the entry is registered to the time the entry is picked up and as such will be unavailable for use in games, tournaments, and other displays during that time.


Please note that measurements include any and all bases, movement trays, or display stands.  We use these measurements to determine display shelf placements and they will be strictly enforced.

Judging Criteria:
Judging criteria are given in order of precedence for each category.  When determining the difference between close entries, they are considered in the given order of precedence.
Technical Quality – defined as the technical proficiency used in the painting and modelling of the entry.  Obvious technical faults are mold lines, sloppy joins, rough primer, or sloppy paint.
Artistic Quality – defined as the artistic effects of the piece, including colour choices, detail work, and the overall effectiveness of the artistic choices made.
Unit / Thematic Cohesion – defined as the unifying theme that indicates belong together.  This can be done, for example, through effective use of uniforms, insignia, basing of the figures, including unifying display base if offered.

Category Details:

Single Figure:
Smaller figure or mounted figure that falls within the size restriction.  This includes base, mount, and appendages.  A competition judge will rule on any bits, such as a pole or arm, extending beyond the size restriction, at time of entry.

Size restriction: 2.5” wide x 2.5” deep x 5” tall

Large Figure:
Single figures that are larger than the Single Figure restrictions.  Large monsters, larger scale figures, vehicles, or other single miniature that does not fall into the Single Figure category.

Size restriction: 10” wide x 10” deep x 10” tall

Squad, Unit, or Battle Group:
Five or more models belonging to the same unit of faction.  Together, all models must fit within the size restriction.  Size restriction would be the same as for the Large Figure Category (10” x 10” x 10”).

Small Scale:
Up to five models (or units on stands) belonging to the same unit or faction, in a miniature scale of 15mm or smaller.  Together, all models must fit within the size restriction.

Size Restriction: 7” wide x 7” deep x 5” tall