Welcome to year 6!

This year at Attack-X, we are expanding the RPG offerings! The Mutant Epoch will be there as usual third eye, 7 armed and all. We have some 5th edition D&D on tap, as well as Shadowrun and a lite sprinkling of World of Darkness. The Pathfinder 2nd edition play test is making its way to Attack-X this year with the Doomsday Dawn adventure.

In the grand Attack X tradition more games means more prizes. Local Artist Braden Hallett (https://the-art-of-b.deviantart.com/) will be doing some character sketches for a few lucky folks, as well as William McAusland of Outland arts for Mutant Epoch players. Dice that may or may not cause mutations and whatever else our glorious leader can produce.

So come out to Attack X and throw some Dice of various shapes and sizes. No experience, dice or premade characters needed just a sense of adventure and some mild insanity may help..

Friday, September 14

1:00 pm
Open game tables, Mutant epoch characters creation and a crazy trip to the Suppermarket.
5th edition Dungeons and Dragons, roll d20 style, aka with awesome maps.

7:00 pm
Mutant Epoch, Angry Gods adventure. Characters will be rolled up at the beginning of the game.
Pathfinder 2nd Ed playtest Doomsday Dawn.
5th edition D&D.  Adventure to be announced.

Saturday, September 15

10:00 am
Character Creation for the Mutant Epoch, roll up a character with the author and get a personal character sketch. Introduction to the system.

1:00 pm
Across the the Broken Spine. Mutant Epoch adventure with Danny, pre made characters available or you can use a character you rolled up earlier with Will.
Pathfinder 2nd edition playtest Doomsday Dawn round 2.

7:00 pm
Dungeon TV, mutant epoch Game Show of Doom, pre made characters available or pre-rolled Characters.
Shadowrun 5th ed. Can you survive the mean streets of the 6th world, where gangs, corporate security, toxic spirits and the desperate trade bullets and spells.
5th Ed D&D.
World of Darkness, wonder kid goes to a bar gets punched.. Details forthcoming.

Sunday, September 16

10:00 am
Mutant Epoch craziness probably involving horrible mutant chickens and insane AI.
Pathfinder 2nd Ed playtest Doomsday Dawn, or what even the sleep deprived attack GM comes up with.