Malifaux Fixed-Faction 50SS Tournament

  • Each player must announce their faction and the beginning of the event and play all games with the declared faction.
  • All models published in the final M3E beta rules packet will be allowed; for as-yet unreleased models, obvious proxies are vital, and physical copies of the models’ rules must be available upon request.
  • Dead Man’s Hand models will be allowed as part of their regular faction
  • Every player is responsible for having all the models, cards, tokens, pens, measuring tape, rules, and any other gaming accessories required to play. Please note that all decks must be Malifaux decks that feature the appropriate suits. If you do not have a Malifaux deck, one can be lent to you.
  • Painting is not required, though strongly encouraged.
  • Unofficial proxies must clearly represent the model they’re proxies for, at the discretion of the organizer and/or your opponent. Back-ups of the official model are strongly recommended.
  • If a player inadvertently reveals more cards than should be seen (flipping two cards instead of one), the official practice will be to replace the extra card in the deck and thoroughly shuffle it, and to give one’s opponent the opportunity to cut it again. This is to ensure that the deck’s potential probabilities are not disrupted by accidents. If a card has been placed in the deck, please try to ensure that this is accounted for and preserved before shuffling.
  • The event will be four rounds. This means that there may be multiple undefeated players at the end of the fourth round, depending on the number of players. So, please be very aware that the tie breakers, in order, are 1) differential (how many points above your opponent you earned) and 2) victory points (total number of points earned in a game)
  • Round length will be 2 hours. With 15 minutes left, Last Turn will be announced; do not start another turn. With 5 minutes left, Last Activation will be announced. Whatever model is currently being activated will be the last activation of the game. Resolve all final game conditions, score final turn Victory Points, and report your game.
  • If there is an odd number of players, we hope to have a Bye player. Should you play the Bye, you will score your game one of two ways: If you beat the Bye, you keep every point you earned. If you lose to the Bye, you get a Victory, with a +1 Differential, and 3 VP.
  • All Strategies and Schemes will be posted prior to the event.

Saturday, Sept 14

9:00 am…… Registration
9:30 am…… Game 1 – 120 minutes
11:30 am…. Lunch & Best Painted Voting
12:30 pm…. Game 2 – 120 minutes
2:45 pm…… Game 3 – 120 minutes
5:00 pm…… Game 4 – 120 minutes