Hi, and welcome to Malifaux at Attack X 2018.

This year, there will be a Gaining Grounds 2018 event taking place on Saturday.

Here are a couple of house rules that will be in effect across the weekend:

  • Each player must announce their faction and the beginning of the event and play all games with the declared faction.
  • Every player is responsible for having all the models, cards, tokens, pens, measuring tape, rules, and any other gaming accessories required to play. Please note that all decks must be Malifaux decks that feature the appropriate suits. If you do not have a Malifaux deck, one can be lent to you.
  • Unofficial proxies will not be allowed in this event.
  • Though painting is not required for these events, every game that you begin with a fully painted crew on the table will earn you one extra entry into the door prize draw for prizes in the Gaining Grounds event.
  • If a player inadvertently reveals more cards than should be seen (flipping two cards instead of one), the official practice will be to replace the extra card in the deck and thoroughly shuffle it, and to give one’s opponent the opportunity to cut it again. This is to ensure that the deck’s potential probabilities are not disrupted by accidents. If a card has been placed in the deck (e.g. Terracotta Warriors placing cards on the bottom), please try to ensure that this is accounted for and preserved before shuffling.
  • The Gaining Grounds event will be four rounds. This means that there may be multiple undefeated players at the end of the fourth round, depending on the number of players. So, please be very aware that the tie breakers, in order, are 1) differential (how many points above your opponent you earned) and 2) victory points (total number of points earned in a game)
  • Gaining Grounds round length will be 2 hours. With 15 minutes left, Last Turn will be announced; do not start another turn. With 5 minutes left, Last Activation will be announced. Whatever model is currently being activated will be the last activation of the game. Resolve all final game conditions, score final turn Victory Points, and report your game.
  • If there is an odd number of players, we hope to have a Bye player. Should you play the Bye, you will score your game one of two ways: If you beat the Bye, you keep every point you earned. If you lose to the Bye, you get a Victory, with a +1 Differential, and 3 VP.
  • All Strategies and Schemes will be posted prior to the event.

Saturday, Sept 15

9:00 am…… Register & Collect Swag Bag
9:30 am…… Game 1 – 120 minutes
11:30 am…. Lunch & Best Painted Voting
12:30 pm…. Game 2 – 120 minutes
2:45 pm…… Game 3 – 120 minutes
5:00 pm…… Game 4 – 120 minutes
7:15 pm…… Prizes

* Times may adjust throughout the day if players finish their games earlier.

** Trophies will be given to Best Overall, Best Painted, and Best Sport. Certificates will go to the top three players. Door prizes and guilders will be available for the rest.

Sunday, Sept 16

Henchman Hardcore

4 rounds. 45 minutes per round.

Henchman (free) and three other models adding up to 20 soulstone including upgrades. Cache is only henchman starting cache.

All games are turf war (scores starting turn 1) and assassination.

9:00 am – Henchman Hardcore Register and sign in
9:30-10:15 – Game 1
10:25-11:10 – Game 2
11:20-12:05 – Game 3
12:15-1:00 – Game 4

Enforcer brawl
Each player will select 1 enforcer with up to one upgrade. The game will have many players each controlling one enforcer. Points are scored by putting damage on opponents and destroying opposing models. Bonus points for damaging and destroying more expensive models. Points are lost when your enforcer is removed. Your enforcer respawns from a random table edge.

One time use upgrades like imbued energies, my little helper, oathkeeper, debt to the guild may only be used once (don’t get a new copy each time your enforcer is respawned).

Each table will have 4-6 players. Enforcer brawl is a casual, fun format. I will bring extra enforcer models if any new Malifaux players would like to play.

There are guilders and random door prizes for participants in Henchman Hardcore and Enforcer Brawl.

9:30 am – Enforcer Brawl sign in
10:00-12:00 – Enforcer Brawl

This will be a show up and play event which will need a major gaming ticket or a mini gamer ticket.