Hey Guild ball Fans!

Attack-X will be the host of this year’s Guild Ball Canadian World Cup Qualifier – Known as the GROTS Cup

The winner will get a free ticket and flight to SteamCon USA to compete against the other World Cup Qualifiers questing be the World Champion of Guild ball!

As of this posting the event will be the Regional Cup Format – (Should Guild Balls rules for the Organized play set different rules for the  National; Qualifier these will be adjusted as required).

See Regional Cup Organised Play Rules here.

GuildBall Rules

We will be running a Guild Ball Regional Cup Tournament. 10 Man Roster as per the regional Cup Document.

Friday Event Rules

  • 8 Person Tournament
  • All Captains & Mascots In the 10 man roster only one of each in a six man squad in any game.
  • Only One of any veteran or regular model can be in your six man squad in any game.
  • Only One Union model per all non union Guilds
  • 45 Minute Clock (Please bring your own timers if you have them)
  • Please try to have your lists prepared in advance


  • This will be a three round warm up practice tournament for Nationals that start Saturday.
  • Round one Start Time TBD
  • Each Round will be 110 minutes total with a 45 Minute per player clock.


  • There will be an Event Run from the MOB Football Association Document.
  • Homelands Cup or Guildball Doubles
  • This is a casual format suited to players dropping from other tournaments new players.

Player Responsibilities

  • Players participating in a Regional Cup event must bring all their own models, stat cards, dice, measuring devices, markers, and templates they require for play. Tokens representing in-game effects such as Influence, and abilities are required and must be kept adjacent to the corresponding model on the table.
  • All Models must be painted and based.

Guild Ball Nationals
Saturday, September 16th

32 Players

Registration ….. 10:30 am
Game 1 ………… 11:00 am-1:00 pm
Game 2 ………… 1:15-3:15 pm
Game 3 ………… 3:30-5:30 pm
Game 4 ………… 5:45-7:45 pm
Game 5 ………… 8:00-10:00 pm

Schedule is for 32 players, and will be adjusted according to number of players on event day. Times will be adjusted as day goes on if games end quicker than alotted times.

Trophies for National Champion, 2nd, 3rd, Best Sportsman, Best Painted, and “I shoulda played another game…”

Prizes will be awarded by random draws
SteamCon USA
December 1-3, 2017

The Westin Lombard Yorktown Centre, 70 Yorktown Shopping Center, Lombard, IL 60148 , USA