March 9, 2022

Well, the time has come to make an announcement for Attack-X.

Over the last two years, without running the event, it has taken its toll on the desire to pick up where it was left off in 2019. Your support to keep it going was awesome and that is why I have thought about this for a while and I just don’t have the motivation and energy to run the event at the level it needs to be run at. It would be unfair for everyone to continue half assed. There is even the possibility of another cancellation if covid resurges again which would take a whole level of time to cancel yet again.

With that said, Attack-X has run its course.

Thank you to everyone who helped make the event that is was. A lot of you have attended since the first one and that is simply awesome. All of you made it better than the year before. I am happy to have met everyone over the years.

The FB page will be removed in about a week so any pics you want, copy them.
Everyone who paid for a ticket last year will be reimbursed at some point.
The terrain, mats, timers, random accessories and left over prize support will be made available for purchase soon.
We have a lot of shirts from 2019 left which will be given away if requested.
If this is something you would want to take over, pm me to discuss.

Thank you everyone. It was fun!!!